“Fractured, the long journey back to insanity” by David White

Opening August 23rd, 7pm -10pm

 “Fractured” is based on the writings of David White, specifically a letter in the form of a poem to his idol, his big Brother. David’s brother has been suffering from mental illness for decades, specifically PTSD from an early life of gun violence and crime that landed him in jail and homeless on the streets. The body of work consists of a series of expressionistic portraits, each illustrating a line from the poem, while the many twisted, fragmented facets, and psychedelic aesthetics, gives the viewer a glimpse of the world from a viewpoint of one who does not see the world around us as you do. “Fractured” represents a journey of acceptance, understanding and healing to bring a big brother back to the insanity that we call normality.

 The relationship and writings between David and his brother brings to mind the letters between brothers, Vincent and Theo van Gogh in the late 19th century that gave us such a clear insight into the tortured mind of Vincent. The letters demonstrate that mental health issues have and always will be a part of humanity we need to address. White’s experience with his Brother has shown him the many shortcomings in society today with, understanding, acceptance and treatment of mental health issues, especially in poorer underserved communities.

 White specifically chose Los Angeles for this show as the city has such a prevalent amount of sufferers of mental health issues living homeless on the streets. White hopes to use the depiction of his brother’s journey to instill, empathy, understanding, even anger, to provoke a call to action at a grass roots level to address, embrace and save an alarmingly fast growing section of our society.


“MIXTAPE” by NFN Kalyan, JUNE 28th - AUGUST 14th 2019,

iv gallery opens its doors on June 28th with a solo show by NFN Kalyan. “Mixtape”, a body of work three years in the making, consists of mostly large scale “old master” style oil paintings depicting the cultural, religious, artistic, and historical influences of the artist, visually remastered into essentially a mixtape of humanities past, present and future, that challenges the viewer to question societal, and their own views on many unchallenged, “accepted” norms of the story of humanity so far.

NFN (No First Name) Kalyan spent his youth in India and the US, being born of Indian and American parents. Add to this upbringing the fact that his Mother (PHD Philosopher) and his Father (PHD Mathematician) reached the heights of academia in their respective fields, it is no surprise that Kalyan’s work comes from a place of deep intellect and cultural/religious/philosophical diversity.