“Fractured, the long road back to insanity” by David White. August 23rd - October 13th


“Fractured” is based on the writings of David White, specifically a letter in the form of a poem to his idol, his big Brother. David’s brother has been suffering from mental illness for decades, specifically PTSD from an early life of gun violence and crime that landed him in jail and homeless on the streets. The body of work consists of a series of expressionistic portraits, each illustrating a line from the poem, while the many twisted, fragmented facets, and psychedelic aesthetics, gives the viewer a glimpse of the world from a viewpoint of one who does not see the world around us as you do. “Fractured” represents a journey of acceptance, understanding and healing to bring a big brother back to the insanity that we call normality.

Upcoming events

iv gallery grand opening reception

Thanks to all who came out for the opening, a fantastic welcome to Los Angeles!

David “Mr.StarCity” White’s “Fractured” show will open August 23rd, highlighting PTSD and other mental health issues that are overlooked/dismissed for certain cultural and socioeconomic demographics.

WhisBe’s “Back to School Shopping” exhibit is a nightmarish “mock” store that privides a satirical solution to an ever worsening problem, on display until June 30th, 601 West 26th St, NY, NY


June 12th 2019, article in the UK’s Daily Mail on WhisBe’s “Back to School Shopping” exhibit in Chelsea, click to read

June 13th 2019, ABC Eyewitness News interveiws WhisBe at “Back to School Shopping” in Chelsea.